Our Events: EGX EGX Rezzed
22-25 Sept 2016
The NEC,

Overwatch Tournament


Note that these rules are not a standard competitive format due to the nature of the event and teams taking part. 


  • All participants must have a ticket to EGX 2016 on the date of the tournament they wish to sign up to and must be available between 11:00am and 2:00pm for heats as well as any subsequent final matches. 
  • All players must be signed up to the team on this site
  • All matches are being played in a 6v6 format on PC.
  • If you do not have 6 players, you can sign up as a mercenary where we will attempt to match you with other players looking for a team. 
  • We would advise you to try to find a team before the event if you can. We've created a Discord channel where you can communicate with other participants in advance. 
  • Games will be played on provided accounts with default skins

Map Pool

BO1 Heats 

  • Illios, Lijang Tower or Nepal

BO1 Quarter Final

  • Dorado, Route 66 or Watchpoint: Gibraltar

BO3 Semi Finals & Grand Final

  • 1x Assault Map (Mirror Match) - Hanamura, Temple of Anubis or Volskaya Industries - Timebank
  • 1x Hybrid Map (Mirror Match) - Hollywood, King's Row, Numbani or Eichenwalde - Stopwatch
  • 1x Control Map (BO5) - Illios, Lijang Tower or Nepal (If Required)

Game Settings & Rules

  • Rules: Competitive
  • High Bandwidth: TBC
  • Vetos - Do not apply, admins to select games
  • All Heroes
  • Allow Hero Switching
  • Hero Selection Limit: 1
  • Respawn as Random Hero: off
  • Map Rotation: After a Mirror Match
  • Map Order: Single Map
  • Return to Lobby: After a Game (Control), After a Mirror Match (All Others)
  • Disable Skins: Off
  • Disable Health Bars: Off
  • Disable Kill Cam: On
  • Disable Kill Feed: Off
  • Headshots Only: Off
  • Skirmish Only: Off
  • Maps: Disable all except for the one being played
  • Control game mode format: BO5
  • All modifiers at 100%
  • Team balancing: Off
  • Region: EU


BO1 Rounds

If your team is not ready to play within 10mins of the published start time, the match will be forfeited entirely

BO3 Rounds

If your team is not ready to play within 10mins of the published start time, the first map will be defaulted. After a further 10mins the second map will be forfeited.

Technical Delays

If delays are caused by technical issues with the provided PCs, network or those outside the event, reasonable adjustments will be made to the timetable by the admins.

Streamed Games

If your game is to be streamed, please ensure you invite the casting desk to the game before commencing. The admins or casters will let you know when it's OK to start. 


Abuse of bugs and use of cheats is forbidden. Any misuse will result in disqualification from the tournament. 

Score Reporting

Captain to screenshot all scores and report scores to tournament admin.


If you have any questions, please join the EGX 2016 Overwatch Discord Channel. We would advise remaining in this channel so we can update you with any messages during the tournament.